3.4 Politicians Table

This table contains information about every politician that was a member of parliament or member of the government since 1949.

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id firstName lastName birthPlace birthCountry birthDate deathDate gender profession aristocracy academicTitle
11000001 Manfred Abelein Stuttgart Deutschland 1930-10-20 2008-01-17 männlich Rechtsanwalt, Wirtschaftsprüfer, Universitätsprofessor NA Prof. Dr. 
11000002 Ernst Achenbach Siegen Deutschland 1909-04-09 1991-12-02 männlich Rechtsanwalt und Notar NA Dr. 
11000003 Annemarie Ackermann Parabutsch Jugoslawien 1913-05-26 1994-02-18 weiblich Hilfsreferentin NA NA
11000004 Else Ackermann Berlin Deutschland 1933-11-06 2019-09-14 weiblich Ärztin NA Dr. 
11000005 Ulrich Adam Teterow, Kr. Teterow, Bezirk Neubrandenburg Deutschland 1950-06-09 NA männlich Mathematiker, Geschäftsführer NA NA
11000007 Rudolf Adams Masburg / Kreis Cochem Deutschland 1919-11-10 2013-05-25 männlich Gewerkschaftssekretär NA NA
11000008 Raban Adelmann Düsseldorf Deutschland 1912-09-28 1992-01-25 männlich Landwirt, Weingutbesitzer Graf NA
11000009 Konrad Adenauer Köln Deutschland 1876-01-05 1967-04-19 männlich Bundeskanzler a. D. NA Dr. 
11000010 Brigitte Adler Drangstedt / Krs. Wesermünde Deutschland 1944-06-22 2004-10-25 weiblich Reallehrerin NA NA
11000011 Eduard Adorno München Deutschland 1920-10-31 2000-12-28 männlich Dipl.-Landwirt, Landesminister a. D. NA NA

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The politicians table has the following dimensions:

Feature Total
Number of observations 4102
Number of variables 11

3.4.1 Politicians summary table

Variable Class # unique Missing Values Description
id integer64 4102 0.02% Primary Key. The missing value count is due to the fact that one ID represents missing information about a politician (-1)
firstName character 990 0.00% First name of the politician.
lastName character 3281 0.02% Last name of the politician.
birthPlace character 2180 0.46% Place of birth of the politician.
birthCountry character 39 0.39% Country of birth of the politician.
birthDate Date 3846 0.39% Date of birth of the politician.
deathDate Date 1783 54.58% Date of death of the politician.
gender character 3 0.39% Gender of the politician.
profession character 2208 0.39% Profession of the politician.
aristocracy character 10 99.05% Royal/noble rank of the politician.
academicTitle character 19 74.43% Academic title of the politician.

3.4.2 Additional Remarks

All meta information about the politicians is directly drawn from the base data of the MPs. The Open Discourse corpus only contains a selection of the publicly available personal details of the politicians. A comprehensive resource of the available meta data can be found on the website of the Bundestag. There are some rare cases in which people were members of the government but never held a mandate as a member of the parliament. These politicians are not covered in the base data mentioned above. To fill this gap in the base data, we merge the file with data retrieved from Wikipedia.


Genders in the Open Discourse database are based on the information drawn from the meta data mentioned above. At the time being this data source only distinguishes between female and male and hence the Open Discourse data also follows this binary gender system.

An exception to this binary classification are the politicians retrieved from Wikipedia. The Open Discourse data does not have any information about their gender.